Care and Use of Your Traveling Canteen

Although The Traveling Canteen is built tough, leak proof and spill proof, you still need to keep it clean to ensure your dog's health.

Because the water flows into the handle and into the corners, there are some hard-to-reach sections inside the water section.

PLEASE be sure to:

  • Rinse Before Use
  • Rinse Out Weekly
  • Wash with non-toxic detergent as needed, rinsing thoroughly.
  • Always sponge out remaining water and allow to air dry completely before storing.
  • Prevent water from freezing inside the bowl.


duck hunting

Perfect for hunting trips!

.5 Gal.Dog Food Dish
2.5 Gal. Dog Water Dish
7" wide opening
Leak Proof Lids
Easy Drain Handle

Special Features
Spill Proof Dog Food Bowl
Leak Proof Dog Food Bowl
Indestructible Dog Food Bowl
Stackable Dog Food Bowl
All-in-one Dog Food Bowl