Is our product really indestructible and leak-proof?  Watch the video. 

Your Hard Working Canine  Companion Deserves the Best

Hunting seasons across the U.S. run 3-5 months, and your dogs work hard out in the fields and woods. And dock dogs and hunting dogs compete much of the year.

dock dog competition

field trialsNow you can buy the convenient all-in-one food and water container/server that’s as rugged and hardy as your dogs; so strong and dependable they can be used for police or military dogs.


Why settle for flimsy water and feed bowls that need refilling from separate bags of kibble and water jugs? The K-9 Canteen was designed by a hunter who saw the need for a virtually indestructible and sizeable Traveling Canteen orangefeeding and watering solution for his hungry, thirsty hunting dogs.

The Traveling Canteen is fabricated in Yuma, Colorado, one high-quality container at a time.

Fresh Food and Clean Water Anytime, Anywhere

The dog food bowl holds up to half a gallon of food, and seals with a screw-in lid. So matter where  you go, there's plenty for your dog to eat. And the tight seal keeps dust and dirt out, freshness in.
white traveling canteen

The canteen's water section  holds up to 2.5 gallons, sealed with a screw-in, leak-proof lid. You can open the water side and leave the food bowl  lid sealed until it's mealtime for your K-9 companion.

Both food and water openings are a big 7" wide -- sized to accommodate even the largest of breeds.


Shipping charges for orders outside the "lower 48" United States will need to be quoted separately. Please call for quote 970-630-0455

 K-9 Traveling Canteen Orange

 traveling canteen orange

 K-9 Traveling Canteen Whitestone

whitestone traveling canteen


Individual lids and seal are $15 each, plus $4 shipping (lower 48)


$5.00 each, plus $3.00 shipping