When you’re looking for something rugged and long-lasting, this is it. Our Traveling Canteen is solid and indestructible. It’s virtually leak proof and spill proof.

Planning a  hunting trip? Taking your dock dog to competitions or hunting dog to field trials? Heading out for a motorhome or camping trip? Keeping your dog by your side as a trucking companion? Work with a military K-9 buddy? If your plans include your dog, then this is the only feeding system you’ll need. (And if you want indestructible…just watch our video!)

Easy, Convenient, Portable

stack of traveling canteens

The Traveling Canteen is a portable all-in-one dog food and water bowl. No more fussing with bags of food and water bottles. No flimsy little fold-up containers that need constant refilling.

The dog food bowl holds a big .5 gallon of food, and seals with a screw-in  lid, which means plenty to eat, and a seal that assures that dirt and dust won’t blow into your dog’s food.

The water portion holds up to 2.5 gallons of water, with its own screw-in, leak-proof lid. You can open the water side and leave the food bowl  lid sealed until it’s mealtime for your K-9 companion.

Both food and water openings are a big 7″ wide — sized to accommodate even the largest of breeds.

Keeps Food Fresh

canteen lids

Our unique design allows the water to flow around the food bowl, keeping it cool and fresh until it’s time to eat. Just fill the canteen and you’re on your way. A large handle and bottom grip make carrying easy, so whenever your dog is thirsty or hungry –wherever you are–you’re ready for him.

You’ll find dozens of ways to use the The Traveling Canteen:

  • keeps your dog comfortable on hunting trips and camping trips
  • easy to use during dock dog competitions or hunting dog field trials
  • in- house convenience when on the road in a travel trailer
  • makes feeding truck driver companions a snap
  • works well for K-9 police units and military dogs
  • helps keep your area at dog shows clean and tidy
  • …and so much more.